Senior Discount

Greyhound passengers age 62 and older may request a 20-percent discount on unrestricted passenger fares.

Greyhound prides itself on our professional, courteous and safe drivers whose friendly, helpful assistance is always there for you. Bus travel offers frequent departures to most destinations, and by traveling midweek, you can avoid the crowds. Board the bus, enjoy the scenery through wide, panoramic windows, and perhaps meet a fellow senior who also appreciates the comfort of traveling by bus.

Travel in twos, travel for less. When traveling together buy one regular senior fare ticket at least three days in advance of travel and save 30% on up to two companions. What a great way to travel together and see the countryside.

Greyhound also offers wheelchair accessible coaches. These are coaches with a retractable step to make boarding even easier or "kneeling" buses that allow the front of the bus to be lowered to meet the curb. In Canada, hearing impaired passengers can call 1-800-397-7870 or search our Web site for schedule and fare information.

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