Traveling By Bus

How We Operate

All tickets are valid for travel only on the date and schedule for which the ticket was purchased. If you wish to change your travel plans, you may have a ticket reissued for another schedule however, the request must be made prior to original schedule travel date (subject to availability). Please see our Refunds & Exchanges information in the Tickets and Travel section of our website for information on refunds and exchanges.

Please arrive at the terminal at least 30 minutes before departure. If you have purchased your ticket online, please bring your photo I.D. and your Print at Home ticket or Will Call confirmation number. Boarding generally begins 15 to 30 minutes before departure. Customers traveling by Greyhound Express should arrive at pick up point a minimum of 15 minutes before departure. When picking up passengers en route (such as at a rest stop), continuing passengers who de-boarded at the rest stop are given priority to re-board.

Greyhound buses travel around the clock, so you can travel by day and enjoy the scenery through wide panoramic windows. Or, select a night service, and relax in a reclining seat with reduced interior lighting. Most buses make intermediate stops every few hours, and meal stops en route, be sure to ask your ticket agent about our express schedules, which are available on select routes.

All schedule times are based on local time zones.

For information on parking at Greyhound locations, please contact the location nearest you.

Enjoy Your Trip

All Greyhound buses are equipped with air conditioning, an on-board restroom, and reclining seats with headrests, footrests and tinted windows. Feel free to bring reading material, radio headsets and a small pillow for your comfort. Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be carried on board for personal consumption.

Radios, laptops and other electronic items may be carried on board, provided that they do not disturb fellow passengers and that headphones are used. (External power outlets are NOT available on Greyhound buses.

On Board Restrictions

For everyone's safety and comfort, Greyhound asks that customers please follow certain restrictions while on board. Federal law does not permit smoking on Greyhound buses. We have a zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs, weapons and unruly behavior.

Photography, video or audio recording of Greyhound personnel, equipment or procedures is strictly prohibited. For your safety and the safety of those around you, passengers should remain seated while the bus is in motion. Audio, video and camera equipment should be stored with other carry-ons when not in use.

No dogs, cats, birds, or other animals will be transported. However, a service animal, trained for the purpose of accompanying a disabled person, will be permitted to travel with the disabled person at no additional charge.

Traveling to the United States – Travel Alert: Upcoming Policy Changes

To avoid complications with U.S. Customs, Canadian passengers are advised of the following:
  • Passengers traveling to the United States require two pieces of identification; one having photo. In addition, non-US residents require proof of means of departure from the US. These are the required criteria for travel. Failure to present the aforementioned may result in refusal of transport.
  • ALL passengers over the age of 15 traveling between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda by land or sea (including ferries), will be required to present one of the following:
    • Valid Passport
    • Nexus
    • Enhanced Driver's License
    • Other documents accepted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    Teens 16-18 years old who are traveling as part of an adult-sponsored school, religious, cultural or athletic group, will be allowed entry with just a copy of their birth certificate.

    ATTENTION: Passengers without proper Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant travel documents will not be permitted to board the bus for entry into the U.S.A. Transportation will not be provided back to the terminal of trip origin.

    For more information please visit the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative site..

  • Possession of or access to sufficient funds (i.e. credit card) to complete your trip is mandatory. Plan for at least $100 USD per day of travel in the United States.
  • Proof of return transportation is required.
  • Single parents with children may be required to show proof of custody. (i.e. a copy of the court order or a note from the other parent and a copy of the large birth certificate with both parents names on it).
  • Proof of employment maybe required. If unemployed a photocopy of a recent bank statement may suffice.
  • Persons convicted of any crime are urged to contact the nearest U.S. Consulate Office before embarking to assess their eligibility to enter the country.
  • Non-residents of Canada or the United States may be required to pay a U.S. Immigration Fee of $6 USD (no Interac or Cheques) at port of entry.

The permanent resident card (PR card) is mandatory for permanent residents wishing to re-enter Canada aboard any commercial carrier (airplane, boat, train or bus). A permanent resident is someone who has been allowed to enter Canada as an immigrant but who has not become a Canadian citizen.

The PR card replaces the paper IMM 1000 Record of Landing document and is the official proof-of-status document for permanent residents. The fraud-resistant card provides cardholders with secure, convenient proof of their permanent resident status when re-entering Canada. Because it is highly resistant to tampering and illegal duplication, and offers transportation officials a more effective means of identifying people with permanent resident status in Canada, the PR card will help combat illegal entry into Canada.

Existing permanent residents must be in Canada to apply for the PR card. Application and information kits are available on Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website at

Canadian permanent residents presently located outside Canada, who do not have a PR card and who will be returning to Canada on or after December 31, 2003, should visit a Canadian visa office to obtain a limited-use travel document at a cost of $50.

Traveling to Vancouver Island

Please note that Greyhound no longer includes BC Ferry Fee into ticket price. BC ferry ticket should be purchased separately at BC Ferry Terminal.

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