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Fare and schedule information
1-800-661-TRIP (8747)

Mailing address
Greyhound Canada Transportation ULC
Toronto Coach Termial
610 Bay Street, 2nd floor
Toronto, ON M5G 1M5

If you'd like the address, phone number and hours of operation for a specific location, please visit the Locations page.

To contact customer service, use our online form.

7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Web site support

Marketing/Media Proposals
Each year, Greyhound Canada receives hundreds of requests to review proposals from Marketing and Media agencies as well as worthy charitable causes. Given this volume, we ask that you call 214-849-6275 and contact the agency that best meets your needs.

Commercial Services & Corporate Travel:
For account set-up and inquiries:
7am-7pm CST, Monday-Sunday

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