News Room

Greyhound Corporate Communications is available at all times for reporters. Greyhound press contacts are only able to provide assistance for qualified members of the news media. They are not qualified to respond to fare and schedule information requests, nor passenger needs. For fare and schedule information call 1-800-661-TRIP (8747).

News media can reach a Greyhound spokesperson at 214.849.7846 or 214.849.6826.

Photography, video or audio recording of Greyhound personnel, equipment or procedures is strictly prohibited without the written consent of Greyhound Canada. To obtain permission, follow the instructions below.

News Media: Television and newspaper reporters are welcome in the public areas of Greyhound terminals. We will make every effort to accommodate you. We do our best to balance the needs of reporters, our customers and our employees. We understand your deadlines, and will do all that we can to make sure you get the information you need.

Before filming or interviewing on Greyhound property, you must review and sign our media protocol form. You may get the form online or obtain one from the manager on duty at the local Greyhound station.

Motion Pictures: Producers who wish to use Greyhound buses or facilities, or who wish to show the Greyhound logo or image in a commercial production must obtain permission from the company. These requests should be directed to Platinum Rye Entertainment at 310.276.7309.

Student Film Projects: Many students select Greyhound as a subject or background for their film projects. Greyhound does not participate in these projects out of respect for our passengers' privacy.

Other Requests: For any other requests to film or tape at a local facility, please contact the Corporate Communications Department at 214.849.6275.

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