Station features

Our stations are more than just somewhere to wait for your bus. You can grab a meal, charge your phone, store your baggage and use the free Wi-Fi. Go ahead, take a tour.



Free Wi-Fi

We have free Wi-Fi at many of our stations, so you can keep your thumbs busy on your phone (or tablet, or laptop) while waiting to board your bus. And the free Wi-Fi continues on-board the bus – how’s that for a smooth transition.

Food services

Most stations have fast food restaurants, vending machines or convenience stores where you can grab a snack or sit down meal. Some larger Greyhound stations (like the one at NYC Port Authority for example) have larger food courts. Put it this way – you won’t go hungry at our stations.

Charging stations

At many Greyhound stations you can charge your devices for free at our charging stations. This can be a row of seats in the waiting area or a dedicated table with lots of power outlets. (Don’t forget, you can also charge your devices on the bus because there are power outlets at nearly every seat).


Our restrooms include baby changing facilities and are checked every hour by Greyhound staff to make sure they’re as clean as possible.

Two confirmation tickets

Ticket & Customer Service counters

You can find out about different Greyhound fares and buy tickets for travel the same day or in advance. (Hot tip – buying in advance is usually the better deal). Our stations also have Customer Service counters (often next to the ticket counter). They’re the place to come for any travel assistance or travel inquires, including baggage and refunds.

Baggage storage

Want to explore the city without carrying all your stuff around? Many of our stations have baggage storage where you can leave your bag for up to 24 hours for a fee (fees vary by location). Ask staff at the station to show you where they are.



Most of our stations have ATMs so you can get access to your cash 24/7. (It’s a good idea to take some cash with you in case you need it to buy a snack when the bus stops for a break).